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White People is a controversial and darkly funny play about the lives of three ordinary Americans placed under the spot-light: Martin, a Brooklyn-born high powered attorney for a white-shoe law firm in St. Louis, MO; Mara Lynn, a housewife and former home-coming queen in Fayetteville, NC; and Alan, a young professor struggling to find his way in New York City.

Through heart-wrenching confessions, they wrestle with guilt, prejudice, and the price they and their children must pay for their actions. White People is a candid, brutally honest meditation on race and language in our culture.


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Living Fiction was founded in Loudoun County in 2018 to address challenging topics through community theatre. We grew organically from tough discussions among friends. Through our journey, we have learned and firmly believe that sometimes it takes a story to start a conversation.

"We’re not producing this play in order to push an agenda. It’s not about criticizing one group or another. White People initially got us thinking because it challenged us. It tells the story of three white Americans who, through hardship, are forced to confront who, and what, they’re afraid of. We want to perform it on stage, for you, because we hope it’ll get you thinking, too."

-Andrew Carleton, Founder & Director

Snippets from the script

It's my passion, really. Historical anthropology. People, cultures: why we act, why we do certain things to each other. Helps create a frame of reference. Makes things easier for me.
White People: Alan Headshot
Civics Professor
People like us, you think opportunity's sitting on trees waiting to be plucked? You ain't got a Ph.D., you ain't a "specialist," then you just better dig your nails into what you've got. 'Cause otherwise? One of these new people? They're gonna come along and pry it out of your hands.
White People: Mara Lynn Headshot
Mara Lynn
NC Housewife
She's black by the way. I mention this because I would guess you didn't think so. Some of the words I just used, they're not allowed when discussing people of certain pigment. Skin color gets in the way of evaluating skill. I am not trying to be ugly, I am making a point.
White People: Martin Headshot
Brooklyn Litigator
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I am not white. Should I see it?


I am white. Should I see it?


Should I bring children to this?


Is there a trigger warning?

Yes. This play could be triggering to minorities who have been the unfortunate target of discrimination, hate crimes, or racial slurs. In addition to depictions of overt and subconscious racism, please be advised of other mature themes, which include profanity and descriptions of sexual acts, including references to racially-motivated rape. These are all artistically presented as a prompt for nuanced and informed self-examination, but use discretion before watching. 

How long is the play?

It runs 1:35.

How can I get in touch with you?

Andrew Carleton
Founder, Living Fiction
Director, White People: The Show
(407) 308-6378

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